Registration for the Connected Past Helsinki is now open!

Please visit our registration page to register and pay the relevant conference fee:

  • Early bird (15.06.23-31.07.23), student*:                        35 EUR
  • Early bird (15.06.23-31.07.23), regular:                          55 EUR
  • Late bird (01.08.23-31.08.23), student*:                          45 EUR
  • Late bird (01.08.23-31.08.23), regular:                            75 EUR

*Please note: student pricing includes active graduate (MA, PhD) and undergraduate students. If you are a postdoctoral researcher, please select the “regular” option.

The fees include: coffee and access to the workshop (12-13 Sept.), conference (13-15 Sept.), opening night reception (13 Sept.) and keynote (14. Sept.). Dinners are not included, but a lunch will be offered on full conference days (14-15 September).  Allergy friendly, vegan, and vegetarian options will be provided, but please note any allergies on the registration form.