Professor Carl Knappett (University of Toronto)

Carl Knappett is a specialist in Aegean Prehistory and uses a networks perspective in much of his archaeological work. He approached maritime interaction in the Aegean Bronze Age through network models, together with Tim Evans and Ray Rivers, and recently published a volume entitled ‘An Archaeology of Interaction: Network Perspectives on Material Culture and Society’ in which network analysis is seen within the context of existing archaeological approaches.


Professor Irad Malkin (Tel Aviv University)

Irad Malkin is a specialist in Greek History and considers the network an insightful research perspective for understanding Mediterranean connectivity and the rise of Greek civilisation in particular. He recently published the book ‘A Small Greek World: Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean’, in which notions of network theory are applied to history on a grand scale.


Professor Alex Bentley (University of Bristol)

Alex Bentley has pioneered the archaeological application of complex network modelling in his own work and together with Herbert Maschner. Their 2003 book ‘Complex systems and archaeology’ introduced the popular scale-free network model to the archaeological discipline. Alex’s work since then at both University College London and the University of Durham has followed on this fruitful research avenue of complex system modelling, as applied to social influence between individuals among other things.