Workshop venue and transport

(please note this page is for the workshop on 22-23 September only, see here for the conference venue)

Workshop Venue

Centre for Urban Network Evolutions, UrbNet
Aarhus University
Moesgård Allé 20
8270 Højbjerg
Building 4230, room 232

Map of Moesgaard Campus

A Google map of Aarhus with venue and hotels marked can be found here. Moesgård Allé 20 is the location of UrbNet (but to consult the campus map in order to find the right building). Nordre Ringgade 4 is where the Connected Past conference will take place on 24-25 September.

Getting to UrbNet

UrbNet is located at Moesgaard Manor in Højbjerg, approximately 10 km south of Aarhus city centre. 


From downtown Aarhus, you can take Bus 18 or Bus 100

  • Bus 18 (see timetable) is a yellow city bus, which leaves from Park Allé (see map) three times an hour (direction: Moesgård). Enter the bus through the back or the middle door and purchase your ticket at the ticket machine. Get off at the bus stop “Moesgård Museum” (end station) – the ride takes approximately 25 min. From there, it is only a 300 m walk to UrbNet (see map).
  • Bus 100 (see timetable) is a blue regional bus, which leaves from Aarhus Central Station (“Banegårdspladsen”, see map) every 15 minutes (direction: Odder). Enter the bus through the front door and purchase your ticket from the bus driver. Get off at the bus stop “Oddervej/Moesgård Allé”) – the ride takes approximately 15 min. From there, it is a 1 km walk to UrbNet (see map).

A single fare to Moesgaard is 22 DKK (2 zones), and you can only pay in cash. There is a ticket machine on the bus (cash only).