The French interdisciplinary group “Network analysis in the humanities and social sciences” (ARSHS : will be able to refund part of the expenses of one, or possibly two participants of The Connected Past 2017 conference in Bournemouth.

In exchange, they ask for a written review of the conference (at least one page long, longer if you like) to be published on their blog. If it is interesting enough, publication in their new journal could be considered ( Texts written in French will be favored but texts in English can be considered. A review should be a text describing all or part of the conference, with a point of view (not a list of abstracts). As ARSHS is interdisciplinary, beyond archaeology and history, it should be understandable by researchers in other disciplines.

The person(s) will be chosen by the ARSHS board. Preference will be given to students, persons without a permanent academic position, and/or persons from low-income countries.

ARSHS will refund registration, accommodation, and all or part of travel expenses (depending on the amount).

How to apply: Applicants should send a message with a short CV to Laurent Beauguitte ( before August 15. The message should state their expenses for the conference: registration, transportation, and accommodation, and the time when they plan to send the review. The ARSHS board will prioritize applications and let applicants know whether they have been selected on August 23. The refunding procedure will begin after the review has been sent. It is possible that it takes a few months, but funds will be transferred before the end of 2017.